BIG BROTHER IMDB 27: Moose on the Loose

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 Diary Room #1

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PostSubject: Diary Room #1    Fri Feb 24, 2017 12:59 am

Hey guys... so this is the first Diary I am doing because so much is going on and I need to vent...

So I have been dealing with Cherry always messaging me worried that I am not being honest with her when I am, for the most part. A lot of rumors have been going around about me in this game, starting from Dillon. He isnt lying, me and him chat, but he twists words and pushes his agenda on me, which is not okay. He told Harley bullshit who then told Turner the trash who then told Cherry and she came at me. Now she keeps doubting me but I think I am getting her to realize that I am on her side and she actually apologized for doubting me.

I gave her, Adam and Mykee gifts I won anyway....

Dillon won HOH and he put Cherry and Adam up. I wanted Cherry to win POV but she didnt and Adam went down. Dillon was gonna put JB up in Adams place but for about 24 hours I have been working Dillon and convincing him Turner is the bigger threat and needs to go up. I convinced him to and he put Turner up for me Smile Cant say how I convinced him but I did what I had to do LOL.

Now I am working on getting Turner out over Cherry. Me and Mykee are on it and trying to get Cherry the votes to stay, but its not easy. She seems to have gotten many upset in this game. Oh well, lets see if I can work my magic. Its easy to use on gay men and women, but thats not everyone in this game haha.

Wish me good luck, and if I succeed I am coming to make a new Diary cause I will be so happy the bitch Turner is GONE
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Diary Room #1
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