BIG BROTHER IMDB 27: Moose on the Loose

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 Diary Room #4

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PostSubject: Diary Room #4   Fri Mar 03, 2017 4:43 am

So Mykee and Cherry used their special power and Mykee is back in the game, which is great, as I do love Mykee and hes my bro (sometimes) but Cherry is yet again on my nerves.

I asked her if she still held the power that I gave to her and she caught an attitude YET AGAIN and claims that I was interrogating her. In what world is one question an interrogation? She's really losing it and that is part of why she may be leaving. Like I am done with her attitude and everyone else (minus Mykee who is too dense to even notice) seems to feel the same about her. She needs to chill and stop turning everyone off! I asked cause I wanna make sure Mykee has it so he can use it this round if Cherry stays up... but they are acting like I am up to something... smh.

I almost regret helping her so much. Not Mykee, but her yes. She needs to chill.
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Diary Room #4
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