BIG BROTHER IMDB 27: Moose on the Loose

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 Final Diary Room

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PostSubject: Final Diary Room    Mon Mar 06, 2017 7:00 pm

So I will be leaving tonight. I am okay with leaving, its the way it was done that I dont like. I am so over dealing with illegals (Henry) and liars (Garrett and Mykee).

Basically I have been nothing but loyal to Mykee all game. He is even immune this round cause of me... but he has NEVER done one thing for me in this game. Ever. Everything he does is for Cherry. Good for him, but he looks stupid.

I called him out on his lie and even left room for him to tell me the truth that he is voting me out... but he lied and lied and lied. So today I let him know about his ass and cut into him. He's trash. Nothing but fucking trash that would get his head bashed in if he lived near me. Sick of internet tough guys. Come see me in person and lets see if you can rock.

Henry is a piece of trash and a liar. Shocked by him cause I have always been nice to him. ALWAYS. Fuck him. Hope he gets sent back to DR.

Bobby is cool, Tyler, I should have spoken to you more, Dillon is cool.

Adam, you have this weird ass chip on your shoulder and I have tried speaking to you in this game and you never reply. Guess you're still mad I called you out on rigging your game. Maybe you shouldn't have...

And Garrett... lets just say if I had a face and body like that I would kill myself.


Kathy thanks for letting me play. It was fun until it wasn't. It became too stressful. Not cause of you, cause of the game itself.

Murr, love you man and thanks for all you do and thanks for always listening to me when I need to rant. You're the man and I know you agree with me on some things even if you won't say it lol.

Take care, and good luck everyone but Mykee and Garrett. Mykee deserves his head smashed in and Garrett an STD.

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Posts : 293
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PostSubject: Re: Final Diary Room    Mon Mar 06, 2017 7:31 pm

PS I have been called a bully numerous times in this game when I bullied NO ONE all game. I was nice and played it cool all game. This is why I decided to ACTUALLY bully Mykee the pussy and Garrett.

Wanted to give them a taste of what bullying really is.

Me not agreeing with you is not bullying.

Mykee is fucking TRASH.

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Final Diary Room
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