BIG BROTHER IMDB 27: Moose on the Loose

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PostSubject: VOTE FOR THE WINNER   VOTE FOR THE WINNER EmptyFri Mar 24, 2017 10:52 pm

Alright well, what a weird final 3 like I said at the beginning...

Mykee, sorry, love you, but cannot possibly vote for you after you gave up at the jury questioning. Yes I was hoping you would at least try, but people who give up after they make it to this point just piss me off, so, bye.

So it's between Adam and Bobby. Adam, me and you play almost similar games. Win all/most of the challenges, have a terrible social game, hope for the best. So I can see a little something of me in you in this game. Bobby, totally sweet guy with a terrific social game, probably one of the best I've seen on these games. Strategic game....ehhhh. Challenge game? I dont know about that either. But you could totally sell ice to an eskimo. You are so good at stroking people's egos it's kind of scary lol. But you compared me to Andy, who I hated in BB15 so I was like, ehhhh...bye

Anywayyy, I am casting my vote for someone that, despite a meh performance in the jury, at least I think, didn't just give the middle finger to the jury like the other 2 sort of did. So with that said, I vote for:


to win this game. He kissed ass, like, a lot. But in this final 3, I guess that's all you needed to do rofl. Good luck gurl!!
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