BIG BROTHER IMDB 27: Moose on the Loose

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 Veto#2 Story

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On a cold winter day, a Goose named Popo, an introvert and lonely goose was enjoying his evening next to the fireplace as he tries to warm up from the chilling temperatures. He was enjoying his plant based dinner and watching A Swan Lake on TV until suddenly, he hears a noise at the door...

So he pulled up his pants and answered the door and lo and behold, a Moose appears!

Popo was shocked to see another animal had waltzed onto his doorstep and suddenly the Moose begs if he can come in to escape the cold air..

Popo was feeling sorry for the Moose and let him in as the Moose was eternally grateful for his hospitality.

The Moose introduced himself as "Dongo" and explained he was trapped in the snow when he got lost finding his way home to his community..

Popo was concerned he had hypothermia and invited him next to the fire and offered him some plant dinner he had already made.

Dongo was happy for the invitation as the 2 of them began eating the dinner and watched Swan Lake together..

The 2 animals enjoyed the movie as they ate their dinner as Dongo explained to him about his community and offered him to come visit. Popo was full of joy as he made a new friend and found happiness again. He agreed to his offer and made plans to visit Dongo's community some day.

The new friendship spawned hope for the 2 animals as now they realized they can trust one another and that both animals can live in harmony..Popo was relieved to have finally left his house and is no longer an introvert

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Veto#2 Story
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