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 Final Power of Veto Challenge

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PostSubject: Re: Final Power of Veto Challenge   Final Power of Veto Challenge - Page 2 EmptyFri Mar 17, 2017 7:51 pm

Tyler, I am someone that respects my ELDERS, but you really need to learn your place old man. You're ugly as all hell, you have more wrinkles on your forehead than than the boxes on Mykees shirt, you're gay as fucking hell, dont know if you're a woman or a man from day to day... you're a lost little puppy that runs his mouth.

Aren't you in your late 30s? You look older, but even worse is that you act WAYYYY too young. Like you try so hard to be young, cool, vibrant and sassy when you make yourself look so pathetic that all season most of the cast talked shit about you.

You also shouldn't run your mouth over the internet to people you wouldn't dare run your mouth to in person. You're old, its easy to break a hip.

As for Mykee, please. You have been crying non stop and cant handle me when I go off but you sure love asking for the abuse...
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Final Power of Veto Challenge
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