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 Final Veto Challenge

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Final Veto Challenge Empty
PostSubject: Final Veto Challenge   Final Veto Challenge EmptyThu Mar 16, 2017 11:58 pm

List of HGs (I won't put who the jurors are, figure it out on your own for part 2)

- Arik_the_Great
- DubyaCeeDubya
- kyogre123
- mrduckbear
- Roberts-Film
- bria2005
- dnashobviously234
- cooltu101
- Spooky33
- HarleyStodden
- KingJesseRebel
- JB_is_awesome
- realitytvfreak2
- CherrySnow

Part 1 (Who said this in their Diary Room)

1- "Hey guys... so this is the first Diary I am doing because so much is going on and I need to vent... " HarleyStodden
2- "Am I supposed to be doing these?" DubyaCeeDubya
3- "I'm gonna try to win tonight and force people to come to me." KingJesseRebel
4- "Duck is easier to get rid of down the line" Arik_the_Great
5- "I fucked up" Roberts-Film
6- "I'm not in any alliance this time and i always play under the radar with people coming to me" - kyogre123
7- "Rest assured I'm not a target. Blessed and highly favored." - Spooky33
8- "I have 3 beers you twat. Shouldn't I get a clue *angry face*" - CherrySnow
9- "I haven't even spoken about the cast and my current situation in the game so here's a brief run down of where I am with some of the players. " - bria2005
10- "I am hoping someone good wins hoh." JB_is_awesome

Which Juror said this

1- "Guys, maybe you all didn't get the memo, but it's a final three." KingJesseRebel
2- "I had a plan that unfortunately could not happen" Spooky33
3- "i was pissed when it was announced he was in the gaame." Cooltu101
4- "Dammit why are multiple people calling me scum LMFAO" CherrySnow
5- "All of the players left, have been regularly put up on the block and for whatever reason they are still there. " lmao <3 dnashpbviously234?
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Final Veto Challenge
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