BIG BROTHER IMDB 27: Moose on the Loose

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 Diary Room #2

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PostSubject: Diary Room #2   Diary Room #2 EmptyMon Feb 13, 2017 5:17 am

Well after losing that veto with the uninspiring story, it appears i may be on the chopping block since no one has messaged me..i have always played a more silent game where people won't see me as a threat and they would always come to me but i'm not so sure this time..maybe turner will help save me..maybe not but i guess with so many people in the game left, i just might be left out of the loop already... Mad

Diary Room #2 635826354204627305900958889_poohs%20heffalump%20halloween%20movie%209%20-%20piglet%20is%20scared

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Diary Room #2
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